Show #75 – 18/6/20

Show #75

Artist – Track – Release – LabelRawell – Jamie On The Couch – Berlin Pankow – Red Ember RecordsKisk feat Robert Owens – Your Face – Your Face – Apparel MusicJura Soundsystem – With You – With You EP – Isle Of JuraGerald Mitchell, Volcov, Pirahnahead – Snow – The First Circle – NeroliAl Bradley […]

Donnell Knox – House Trax EP – Sonic Mind

Donnell Knox - House Trax EP

Following on from the ‘Ideology EP’ by new Sonic Mind signing, Anti Patriot, D-Knox returns to his label but under his given name of Donnell Knox. And where D-Knox stands for Techno, Donnell Knox is reserved for his House output. The ‘House Trax’ EP features four tracks with smooth vocals from Detroit-born, Kalamazoo-based Soul, R&B […]