London’s DJK joined us on PBA FM, gracing the Australian airwaves with two wonderful mixes. The first hour was an all Peacefrog affair, with the second hour techno, techno and more techno!!
While you’re listening to these mixes, check out more of DJK’s mixes on Souncloud.

Hour One
Theo Parrish – Just the Beginning
Gemini – X
Moodymann – Nmywagon
Glenn Underground – Colouration
Moodymann – Wednesday Night People
Anthony Nicholson – Jazz Samba Electronica (Tribesman Drum Ritual)
Moodymann – Me and My People’s Eyes (Instrumental)
Anthony Nicholson – Funk d’Elegance (Drums of Passion mix)
John Beltran – Flex
Dan Curtin – Track 17
Tim Harper – I Feel a Groove
Dan Curtin – Wind and Water
DBX – Signal Zero
DBX – Losing Control (Richie Hawtin remix)
Dan Curtin – Spliffed
DBX – Losing Control (Carl Craig remix)
Dan Curtin – La Distanza
Infiniti – Sunlight
Dan Curtin – Airport Martini
Purveyors of Fine Funk – Summer Funk
Dan Curtin – A23
Purveyors of Fine Funk – Z Mood
Neil Landstrumm – Takks
Stasis – View from the Rille
Ian O’Brien – Les Cordes Sensibles
Purveyors of Fine Funk – Midnight Encounter
Purveyors of Fine Funk – This is a Track
Purveyors of Fine Funk – State of Mind
Neil Landstrumm – Boost Controller
X Trak – Facc
Planetary Assault Systems – Gruve
Planetary Assault Systems – Twilight
Ian O’Brien – Heartstrings
Hour Two
Stephen Brown- Bytes 3
0 Phase – B1
Stephen Brown – Bytes 2
0 Phase – A1
Mattia Trani – 13 Times (Juan Atkins remix)
X 103 – Hagia Triada
Trevino & Roberto – Black Cat (Roberto remix)
Stephen Lopkin – Fridays at Pure
Trevino & Roberto – Jan Roller
Bluespirit – Rubber Lover
Clark – Jak to Basics
Bluespirit – Easy Assist
Counterpoint – The Skip
Fabrice Lig – Last Judgement
Nick Hoppner – A Peck and a Pawn
Fabrice Lig – Fortitude
Privacy – Make Yr Transition
Tuff City Kids – Lambsgame
Designer Music – No Control
Unspecified Enemies – Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
Designer Music – Latin Chic Behind Door 1
Kodo – Strobe-Nanafushi (Satori mix)
Designer Music – Good Girls
Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (TCK mix)
Adonis – No Way Back (Instrumental)
Jeff Mills – Black Avenger
Jeff Mills – Humana
Jeff Mills – Detached
Jeff Mills – Flood
The Martian – Star Dancer