In addition to answering some of our questions, Ten Lovers Music’s Steve Conry graced us with a wonderful mix of chilled out deepness. Featuring old, new and forthcoming music from the Ten Lovers catalogue, plus some tracks that Steve’s feeling, this is an excursion in quality. Enjoy!

Artist – Title – Label
Zip Code – Make It Right – Ten Lovers Music (1997)
Caruso – I Wanna Know – Ten Lovers Music (1999)
Zip Code – I Need You – Ten Lovers Music (1999)
Caruso – Pure Sound – Ten Lovers Music (2000)
Phil Stroud – Australiana – Phil Stroud
Abase – Crossroads – Lekker Collective (Forthcoming)
Cotonete – Layla (Alex Attias Remix) – Cotonete
Caruso – Tipeco – Lightspeed Recordings (Forthcoming)
Tiffany Austin – Aint No Grave (POV Edit) – Unknown
Caruso – Souvenirs – deepArtSounds (Forthcoming)
Middle Name Dance Band – Love Bite – Middle Name Dance Band (Forthcoming)
Middle Name Dance Band – Deeper Than Love – Middle Name Dance Band (Forthcoming)
Javonntte – Bosa With Guitar – Ten Lovers Music (Forthcoming)
Javonntte – Swing Town – Ten Lovers Music (Forthcoming)
Red Earth Design – Transcending 1 – Ten Lovers Music (Forthcoming)
Caruso – Memories (Red Earth Dub) – Ten Lovers Music
Jose Rico featuring Anthonious – Hora Zulu – Ten Lovers Music (Forthcoming)