Tonight’s show features music and a mix by one of my favourite producers, Liverpool based Simon Keat, aka Reedale Rise. I’ve been a huge fan of his emotive ambient tinged electro since checking out his videos on Facebook and Youtube around 7/8 years ago. Since then, he’s gone on to release eps on labels such as Frustrated Funk, 2020 Vision, Where We Met and Propersound. He released his debut album in 2018, Luminous Air, on Kondi. I got in contact with Simon recently asking if he’d be willing to do a mix for our show, and he kindly obliged. I was initially going to play a few tracks before the mix, but going through the catalogue, there as just so many wonderful tracks, that I could have dedicated the whole show to just Reedale Rise tracks. So I hope you enjoy our Reedale Rise special, featuring music from the man himself, and then a mix, full of variety and great tracks. Enjoy!!

Rippling Turquoise – Guardians Of A Kids Society – Childhood Intelligence
Borderland – Vol. 1 – Analog Concept
Flux Function – Flux Function – Deeply Rooted House Muzik
Io – Archivist – bandcamp
Curved Space – Light Through a Birds Wing – Frustrated Funk
Barbary Coast – Barbary Coast EP – Ornate Music
Nocturnalism – Forest Canopy EP – Subwax Excursions
Manifest – Aquatic Experience – Heretic Electro
Azikiwe – Common Dreams 3 – Common Dreams – 2015
Broken Land – Broken Land EP – Where We Met
Medusozoa – Lumious Air – KONDI
Bromeliad – The Reasoning – Propersound
Distant Object – v/a – Assembling 3 – Assemble Music
Larial – Sounds From The Emotional Underground – Emotions Electric
Solice – The Searching – Propersound

mix by reedale rise