Somewhere Down There is honoured to premiere ‘Simplexity’ from Pittsburgh’s Shawn Rudiman’s upcoming album ‘Conduit’ out on June 5th on Pittsburgh Tracks. I first became aware of Shawn and his music in the mid-to-late 1990’s on the 313 mailing list, and have been a keen listener of his music, extensive knowledge of electronic production, gear, and general enthusiasm when it comes to electronic music. To see pictures of his studio is something to behold.

‘Conduit’ is the second full length album by Shawn for Pittsburgh Tracks and follows his recent release, the joint EP with Jordan GCZ entitled ‘AMS>PIT’ on Love What You Feel. 

“’Conduit’ contains moments from the last two or so years of my life.  There have been a lot of trying times and ups and downs in there.  These moments are the exhaust of that life.  Some more subjective than others.  We are simply conduits for whatever flows through our cores.  We tap into it.  We allow it to flow through us.  As it takes shape, we select its forms and hone its output.  We are simply conduit for our work.  Maintain the Flow State”, says Rudiman.

Conduit will be out on double-LP in June, as well as digitally. It’s up for presale today on Bandcamp, with an exclusive track for download. Listen to that cut, “Basics.”

Shawn also has a Patreon page, where he provide tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of music production, drawing on his 30 odd years of experience. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Shawn’s music, and how he creates it. You won’t be disappointed. I’m not!

Shawn Rudiman
Pittsburgh Tracks

Track Listing:
01. The Best Scene in Film
02. Half Life
03. Leaving Earth Behind
04. Voidesque
05. Stelline Memories
06. Midwest Water
07. Lead Water
08. Hausalarm
09. Fighting the Flow
10. Simplexity