Chubby’s third volume of split EP goodness welcomes two seasoned veterans of the deep to spin some yarns, with a couple of equally sagely remixers on board too. Vincent Floyd takes up the A side with the beautifully lilting house haze of “Meditation”. Deep88 takes the original and gives it a more forthright set of drums – a more visceral jack for those who love the mellow moods but want some bite for the floor. Brad P’s “Time Machine” is a typically refined trip into the undergrowth with gorgeous techno synth lines flitting around a warm and easygoing groove made all the sweeter by a little broken beat kink.

Vincent Floyd/Brad P
Various Vol. 3 (Deep88/Derek Carr mixes)

A1 – Vincent Floyd – Meditation (Original Mix)
A2 – Vincent Floyd – Meditation (Deep88 Remix)
B1 – Brad P – Time Machine (Original Mix)
B2 – Brad P – Time Machine (Derek Carr Remix)

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