Fresh from his appearance on Pittsburgh Track Authority’s ‘PA System’ album that we featured on show #75, C. Scott releases his second EP on Pittsburgh Tracks, after his 2018 release, the Distance Fog EP.

Hailing from, yep you guessed it, Pittsburgh, C. Scott specialises in sample-based music. An avid crate digger informed by a musical upbringing as a jazz bassist, C.Scott chops, filters, and layers snippets sourced from his record collection into lush, cypher-ready beats. Equally adept at house, hip hop and funk you can check out his work on Bandcamp, especially last year’s Phase Shifting that came out on cassette, via Soul Slime Records.

This new release is a perfect compliment to the upcoming Southern Hemisphere summer. The star of the EP is ‘Leaving U’, a beautiful deep track that is so catchy you’ll find yourself thinking about the hook days later.

The EP will be released on vinyl and digitally on the 2nd of October, with the latter containing a bonus track.

C. Scott
Leaving U
Pittsburgh Tracks

A1 – Leaving U
B1 – Hold It Now
B2 – Don’t You Worry
Down The Drain*
* Bonus digital track