Underground electro-cult figures, ALIEN FM (Anthony ‘Blaktony’ Horton & Keith ‘K-1’ Tucker) return to the reactivated Puzzlebox label for 2020…

First up on the Monochromatic EP is the title track, flooded with spatial rhythms and atmosphere, the tracks leads you into the eps theme. Echoed computerized vocals riding into spaced out beats from the two interstellar travelers. Second track on the A side is “Record Man” featuring signature K-1 big beats accompanied by Blaktony’s vocal arrangement bringing the formula for this ‘dedication to vinyl lovers’ song worldwide. A salute to the industry standard and new anthem for the format. Featuring a guest appearance by Keylyn McKnight (K-1’s daughter).

Side B starts with “Out There” a big, bad jeep-beat drama for heads. Deep and emotionally driven for your mind and body. Next up is “Out There (K-1 remix)” certified a cosmic ass-whoopin’ of a track and take no prisoners approach by Dj K-1’s remix. Block rocking beats, futuristic backdrops. Monstrous. The record finishes up with a remix of Recordman. Alien FM are back, bigger than ever!!

Monochromatic Images

A1 – Monochromatic Images
A2 – Recordman
B1 – Out There
B2 – Out There (K1 mix)
B3 – Recordman (Minimal Vox mix)

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Also check out Keith Tucker’s Youtube channel for updates and live sets.